[ Clio | Fashion + Beauty | Bronze | 2018 ]

Launched April 1, 2018 and ran through the entire month.


It costs more to be a woman. While we have made great strides towards equality, there is still a lot to be done. Women pay an extra $1,351 every year because of the Pink Tax. It's not an actual tax, but a discriminatory practice where companies charge women more than men for the exact same product or service.

European Wax Center decided to take a stand. We worked alongside the New York Department of Consumer Affairs to understand the facts and statistics. Then, we created an integrated campaign consisting of a microsite, videos, print, digital, social media, in center, and a live streamed panel discussion.


VIDEO | Campaign Spot


PRINT | Cosmopolitan Magazine


WEB | Microsite


DIGITAL | Banner Ads + Email


SOCIAL | Instagram


SOCIAL | Snapchat


IN CENTER | Pink Tax Takeover
Window Clings, Shelf Talkers, Posters, Educational Material


PANEL DISCUSSION | Live Stream with Refinery 29 and Danielle Brooks (from Orange is the New Black)

THE PRESS | Local and National

We were featured in many national headlines, as well as local news stories. 

THE NUMBERS | What Was The Impact?

We exceeded all benchmarks.


I didn't do it alone, I helped Ax The Pink Tax with:
Dave Arnold | Executive Creative Director
Jesse Stanton | Copywriter
Erynn Mattera | Senior Art Director
Evelynne Scholnick | Senior Copywriter
Gabrielle Barbuto | Brand Director
Adam Weiner | Brand Supervisor
Nina Hensarling | Brand Strategy Director

My role: Jesse and I worked together to expand the campaign and bring it to life. Together we concepted the microsite, and I designed it out. I was responsible for designing the art direction for the campaign and keeping consistency across all platforms and vendors, with the guidance of Dave, the ECD.