Generac takes 2 seconds to power your home, thus leaving yourself with a sense of helplessness for a brief moment.
[There is a stark contrast between having electricity and not having electricity. We wanted to optimize on this sensation by utilizing the stark contrast between black and white with experiential ads.]


Out of Home Print 

This envelope will be placed in home and garden type magazines and is meant to reflect the two seconds that Generac takes to power a home.



Since Generac takes about two seconds to power your home, we created pre-roll spots that would be displayed for two seconds before viewing the actual video you wanted to watch. Although we made sure the product benefit can be read in those few seconds, those who are curious or persistent might be able to read on. 



GENERACTIVITIES Cards | Each purchase of a Generac home generator, or as part of an in-store display, comes with a pack of game cards. During a storm, or potential power outage, each person or family member draws a card from a shuffled deck. If the power goes out, they must perform that action in the brief time they experience without power. Something that might be easier said than done. 

Art Director | Beth Hughes
Copywriter | Sam Case